About Ambidecor
Ambidecor offers the discerning customer exquisitely designed, high quality Teak wood furniture. We are a contemporary home furniture shop that offers designs that stand out and are created by master craftsmen with a keen eye for detail. “Better Living Redefined” – Ambidecor makes it easier now.
Why Us

What is it that sets Ambidecor apart and why should you choose Ambidecor products? All our furniture is made out of Kerala teak wood which is known for its premium quality. Our manufacturing/workshop is based in Kerala, which is famous for its high-quality hard wood. The textures and grains in teak wood contributes to its mesmerising beauty. In addition, teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites, fungal stains and also repels other pests that destroy wood. On the design front, what you see on the website is what you get. We use actual images of products manufactured in our workshop.

Make your furniture your own with different customisation options. We provide customisation at various levels. We have a very friendly and flexible communication system, helping you to create the furniture of your dreams.

Raw material used for the production is seasoned Teak wood. The seasoning reduces the moisture content in the wood that will increase the durability of furniture. Wood which is not properly seasoned is prone to uneven shrinkage, which can deform furniture.

Customers are offered Raw material of two quality types depending on their needs:
Economic Category
products are made of teak wood seasoned using kiln drying method. Wood will have a maximum tree thickness of 60inch. The product catalogues rates are of economic range which will be covered under 5 year warranty.
Premium Category
products are made of naturally seasoned teak wood. Wood will have a maximum tree thickness of 90 inch. The product is 35 to 40% costlier than the regular range. Premium category will be used only as per the customer demand.
The units which we sell has lesser assembled components which provides a longer life to the furniture
Premium Quality Teak wood
Free of cost delivery and installation
Affordable pricing
5 year warranty period
EMI option
Customized designs